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Electrical cabinet

Brand: Samwhua Dsp Model: TRM-25
General This overload devices are designed to prevent the loads getting harm from over currents and ability of control at the same time.TRM-03, TRM-12 and TRM-25 are have internal current tansformers.Usage of Device and Working Principle Make the connection of the device according to the connection..
Brand: TOMZN Model: TOMPD-8S
Features●Microprocessor technology provideshighly accurate and repeatable protection●Built-in LCD and keypad afford a precisediqital setting●Compact modular 43mm housing●Adjustable over-and undervoltage,phase unbalance threshold●Independent adjustable delay time forovervoltage, undervoltage phase un..
Brand: Samwhua Dsp Model: ERV-0.1-6
GeneralERV-XX timer relay are used in all fields (industry, house, plant etc.) need controlls related to the time.Usage and Working Principle Please make the connection according to the diagram. Please adjust the delaying time by the button. Energize the device. Device will count the stand by time. ..
Overload relay Tense TRM-25 Overload relay Tense TRM-25
2-3 Days
Brand: Tense Model: TRM-25
Characteristics:Controlled / measured valueoverloadOther characteristicsdigitalTripping currentMax: 25 AMin: 0.1 ADigital thermal relays are designed to prevent and control damage to loads caused by high current.0.1A - 25A (adjustable overload value)50% Fixed current asymmetryAdjustable delay time i..
Brand: Samwhua Dsp Model: GK-04FN
General Voltage Controller Relays are designed to avoid the failures of network voltage for the devices which have sensitive working voltage.Usage and Working Principle Make the connections according to the diagram. Set the device according to the required electrical charge. When the power is on, ..
Brand: Samwhua Dsp Model: SDM-V96
General Designed to watch voltage between phase-neutral and phase-phase. Usage and Working Principle Display the voltage comes to inputs when power is on. Input can be connected by phase-neutral or phase-phase.Maintenance Switch off the device and release from connections. Clean the trunk of dev..
Brand: Schneider Model: LUB 32
Schneider Electric Power Base - U-Line SeriesSchneider Electric power bases are one of two basic units that are required every when used in conjunction with a control unit. This type of power base is independent of the control voltage motor power, it also incorporates the braking function.Schneider ..
Brand: Tense Model: TDK01
 It is designed for the control of submersible pumps and motors in wells and similar places and to protect them from negative situations that may arise from waterless operation, high or low voltage and current.1A - 120AEasy Installation and Operation with 4x20 Graphic LCD DisplayWithout Neutral..
Brand: TOMZN Model: TOQ5-100/2P
TOQ5-63/2P, TOQ5-100/2PDual power switch. PC level, Switch less than 8ms, no Interrupt. Only for city power and Generator, not for PV system...
Brand: Samwhua Dsp Model: 72x72
GénéralConçu pour surveiller le courant de charge électrique de tout système. Utilisation et principe de fonctionnementFaites les connexions selon le schéma. Faire les connexions des transformateurs de courant utilisés pour l'ampermètre avant la charge électrique qui a nécessité de mesurer dans l..
Digital contactor and overload relay Tense KON-TER-25 Digital contactor and overload relay Tense KON-TER-25
Hot 2-3 Days
Brand: Tense Model: KON-TER-25
CharacteristicsControlled / measured valueoverloadNetworkthree phaseOther characteristicsDIN rail, with automatic resetTripping currentMin: 1 AMax: 25 AKON-TER-25Digital contactor and overload relay with 3x3 digit LED displayCharacteristicsDigital contactors and thermal relays are designed to preven..
Brand: Samwhua Dsp Model: SDM-V96T
GeneralDesigned to monitorize voltage between phase-neutral and phase-phase. The device also shows phase sequence.Usage and Working Principle Make the connections according to the diagram. When the device is energized, the display shows the voltage values at inputs L1 ,L2 andL3. When there is vo..
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