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Electrical protection

Brand: TOMZN Model: VPD 3-125
Under voltage and over voltage protector 3 phase 4 wire 100AThe automatic recovery over voltage and under voltage protective device complies with modular design standards. the circuit boards of products adopt good quality electronic components with reliable performance. when the power situation is u..
Brand: TOMZN Model: TOMPD-8S
Features●Microprocessor technology provideshighly accurate and repeatable protection●Built-in LCD and keypad afford a precisediqital setting●Compact modular 43mm housing●Adjustable over-and undervoltage,phase unbalance threshold●Independent adjustable delay time forovervoltage, undervoltage phase un..
Brand: TOMZN Model: TOVPD1-63
Function: 1. Under voltage protection 210V-145V (adjustable) (default: 170V)                  2. Over voltage proteciton 230V-300V (adjustable) (default: 270)                  3. Over current protecti..
Brand: TOMZN Model: TOB8-63 wifi
Function:1. On/off Switch2. Time Relay Switch3. Real voltage display on app4. Real Current display on app5. Real active power display on app6. Kwh display on app7. Over current protection, over voltage protection, Max power protection, min power protection. Feature 1.Remote control at..
Brand: TOMZN Model: VPD 1-60
Noted: When you first connect the product, you have to wait about 1 minute, after the red light turn off, then the product will work.The automatic recovery over voltage and under voltage protective device complies with modular design standards. the circuit boards of products adopt good quality elect..
Brand: TOMZN Model: TOVPD1-60-EC
Functions:1.Over-voltage protection2.Under-voltage protection3.Over-current protection4.Automatic recovery5.Voltage display(voltage measurement)6.Current display (current measurement)7. Voltage calibration: Voltage +-10% adjustable. A138. Restore factory settings: press the down button for more than..
Brand: TOMZN Model: Affichage Din rail 63A 230V 3 en 1
Spécifications produitTension nominale: 220 V; fréquence: 50Hz/60 HZFonction: 1. protection sous tension 210 V-145 V (réglable) (par défaut: 170 V) peut être désactivé2. La protection contre les surtensions 230 V-300 V (réglable) (par défaut: 270) peut être désactivée3. protection contre les surinte..
Brand: SESDZ Model: JL-VP 2000
Characteristics:1. The processor is an integral part of the solution2. Different colors with indicator light.3. Direct plug-in design4- With compulsive start switch for easy start when voltage display is normal.5. Voltage range: 90 +/- 3% ~ 130 +/- 3% (50Hz); 180 +/- 3% ~ 250 +/- 3% (50Hz);6- Curren..
Overload relay Tense TRM-25 Overload relay Tense TRM-25
2-3 Days
Brand: Tense Model: TRM-25
Characteristics:Controlled / measured valueoverloadOther characteristicsdigitalTripping currentMax: 25 AMin: 0.1 ADigital thermal relays are designed to prevent and control damage to loads caused by high current.0.1A - 25A (adjustable overload value)50% Fixed current asymmetryAdjustable delay time i..
Brand: Schneider Model: LUB 32
Schneider Electric Power Base - U-Line SeriesSchneider Electric power bases are one of two basic units that are required every when used in conjunction with a control unit. This type of power base is independent of the control voltage motor power, it also incorporates the braking function.Schneider ..
Submersible Pump Control Relay Tense TDK-01 Submersible Pump Control Relay Tense TDK-01
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Brand: Tense Model: TDK01
 It is designed for the control of submersible pumps and motors in wells and similar places and to protect them from negative situations that may arise from waterless operation, high or low voltage and current.1A - 120AEasy Installation and Operation with 4x20 Graphic LCD DisplayWithout Neutral..
Digital contactor and overload relay Tense KON-TER-25 Digital contactor and overload relay Tense KON-TER-25
Hot 2-3 Days
Brand: Tense Model: KON-TER-25
CharacteristicsControlled / measured valueoverloadNetworkthree phaseOther characteristicsDIN rail, with automatic resetTripping currentMin: 1 AMax: 25 AKON-TER-25Digital contactor and overload relay with 3x3 digit LED displayCharacteristicsDigital contactors and thermal relays are designed to preven..
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