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Industrial Protection and control

This protection is provided by circuit breakers, fuse disconnectors, thermal relays, drives or starter-controllers. You will find in the  range a multitude of technical solutions that will allow you to protect your industrial automation.

Brand: TOMZN Model: TOMPD-8S
Features●Microprocessor technology provideshighly accurate and repeatable protection●Built-in LCD and keypad afford a precisediqital setting●Compact modular 43mm housing●Adjustable over-and undervoltage,phase unbalance threshold●Independent adjustable delay time forovervoltage, undervoltage phase un..
Model: POVD13
3 Phase Voltage Protector 63A Adjustable Over/Under Voltage/Over CFunctions as a live voltage and Amps show for every one of the stageFlexible Automatic Recovery season of the gadget whenever gadget has stumbled it recuperates back consequently, when the boundaries are inside the put down certain bo..
Adjustable protection 380V 3P+N 63A voltage and current with display TOMZN TOPD3-63VA
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Brand: TOMZN Model: TOPD3-63VA
three phase Voltage Current Relay Protector 63A 60A 100A 220V 3P+N Over Under Voltage Relay Current limiter adjustable1.Over-voltage protection: Adjustable2.Under-voltage protection: Adjustable3.Over-Current protection: Adjustable4. Asymmetry protection5.Phase squence protection6. Active time a..
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Brand: energical Model: UGS PTDR4-M
Protected against phase faults, it signals high-low voltage, phase failure, asymmetry and inversion and monitors current asymmetry.1.over voltage protection: adjustable2.Under-voltage protection: adjustable3.overcurrent protection: adjustable4.asymmetric protection5.Phase protection6. Active time an..
Model: avr-1500
AVR 1500VA Voltage StabilizerModel                : avr-1500vainput voltage     : 100/110/120/220/230/240 -35% , +20%(-55%,+20%option)output voltage   : 100/110/120/220/230/240+-8%P.F            &nbs..
Model: avr-3000
AVR 3000VA Voltage StabilizerModel                : avr-3000vainput voltage     : 100/110/120/220/230/240 -35% , +20%(-55%,+20%option)output voltage   : 100/110/120/220/230/240+-8%P.F            &nbs..
Model: avr-5000
AVR 5000VA Voltage StabilizerModel                : avr-5000vainput voltage     : 100/110/120/220/230/240 -35% , +20%(-55%,+20%option)output voltage   : 100/110/120/220/230/240+-8%P.F            &nbs..
Model: avr-800
AVR 800VA Voltage StabilizerModel                : avr-800vainput voltage     : 100/110/120/220/230/240 -35% , +20%(-55%,+20%option)output voltage   : 100/110/120/220/230/240+-8%P.F             ..
Digital (Manual / Semi-Automatic / Automatic Reset) Electronic Overload Asymmetry Relay Thermal Relay TRM 25  150-260VAC
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Brand: Samwhua Dsp Model: TRM-25
General This overload devices are designed to prevent the loads getting harm from over currents and ability of control at the same time.TRM-03, TRM-12 and TRM-25 are have internal current tansformers.Usage of Device and Working Principle Make the connection of the device according to the connection..
Brand: Samwhua Dsp Model: SOPR-3DE-120
General SOPR-3DE series digital overload and lost phase relays are designed toprevent failures originated from motor heat. Setting D-Time: Set two to three seconds longer than the engine start time. O-Time: overcurrent operation time. Set less than motor endurance time with overcurrent. LOAD: S..
Brand: Tense Model: PTM-02
Digital Potentiometer (4-20mA) TENSE PTM-02Digital potentiometers are control devices that produce analog output between 0-10V or 4-20mA values according to the set value.Microprocessor basedAnalog output: 4-20mAMenu entry and analog output control via front keysAnalog output control via digital inp..
Overload relay Tense TRM-25
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Brand: Tense Model: TRM-25
Characteristics:Controlled / measured valueoverloadOther characteristicsdigitalTripping currentMax: 25 AMin: 0.1 ADigital thermal relays are designed to prevent and control damage to loads caused by high current.0.1A - 25A (adjustable overload value)50% Fixed current asymmetryAdjustable delay time i..
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