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Access Control

Access control refers to the various technical solutions that make it possible to secure and manage physical access to a building or site, or logical access to an information system.

Smart electric solutions offers you different solutions in Algeria to manage access to your buildings, elevators, home and workplaces

Access control: what are we talking about?

Access control grants access rights to people with authorization to cross certain areas, buildings or rooms. This system

thus prevents anyone who does not have these authorizations from accessing the places concerned.

The security of people, goods and data is based on a simple principle: “who is authorized to access what and when?”. With control

access, it is possible to define

rights to groups of people according to predefined places and times.

What is access control used for?

The security of personnel, assets, data and buildings is a top priority.

Access control is essential for structures such as universities, schools, companies in the medical sector, finance, etc. Only the

authorized persons have access (badge, code) to cross the buildings.

Numerical closures are useful for many structures:

industrial sector and offices: factories, design offices;

banking agencies, financial structures, insurance;

public sector: town halls, museums, public buildings;

education sector: schools and universities;

hospitals and clinics;

business offices;

Access control systems offer significant security via electronic identification media, reliable and protected against any copying

or diversion. These accesses can be controlled remotely, each action can be carried out directly via the software. You have the possibility to monitor

remote sensitive spaces and block them.

Access control: comfort, quality and security

Digital locking systems replace mechanical keys and openings for all entrances. Users of this system have

access rights and open or close the different zones with ease.

The manager has a real-time overview of people and their access (flexible modification).

How does access control work?

The installation of a digital locking system avoids manual access control and is a foolproof solution.

These solutions are compatible with all types of entrances: doors, gates and even barriers.

Digital locking systems ensure flexibility and optimal security. By assigning accesses directly via the software or by

removing, management is simplified. Door monitoring is carried out remotely and without wiring, closing and opening are contactless.

Digital locking installations can be extended to multiple areas with programmable locks and identifiers.

SimonsVoss access control systems adapt perfectly to your structure, your sector of activity and your monitoring needs

and protection.

The components of an access control:

An access control system consists of at least three essential components:

Card reader: a digicode control keyboard or card reader

Electric closure: an electric lock, suction cup, magnetic lock ....

Power supply: converter from 220 to 12v with or without battery

Identifiers: Chip, tag, card, phone works with RFID, MIFARE, NFC (125 kHz or 13.56 Mhz)