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Acessories temperature

Brand: SESDZ Model: Standard
Specification:Measuring humidity: 10%RH-99%RHHumidity accuracy: ±5%Humidity display resolution: 1% RHMeasuring temperature range: -50 ~+70( Degrees Celsius)Temperature accuracy: ± 1Temperature display resolution: 0.1Operating voltage: 2 * 1.5V button LR44 batteries (Including 2PCS Batteries)Dimensio..
Thermometer Temperature Digital Thermometer Temperature Digital
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Brand: SESDZ Model: Standard
Features:Modeling simple, elegant, LCD panels inline connections, moisture-resistant,strong anti-interference, applies to refrigerated cabinets, display counters andother needs of temperature measurement and display of various equipment.Specification:Temperature range: -50~ 110°CTemperature display ..
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