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KOBAN KLDM100 Digital distance meter
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Brand: koban Model: KLDM100
Digital distance meter using laser pointer for quick and easy measurement. It also allows obtaining areas and volumes of rooms, either directly or indirectly by means of the addition / subtraction function or the Pythagorean theorem. Backlit display and storage capacity of up to 20 measurements, bei..
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Brand: koban Model: KMD-21
Koban KMD-210767542 Digital MultimeterDigital multimeter with CATI 500V measurement category and 2000 resolution counts.It performs AC / DC voltage / DC current, resistance and temperature measurements.It has a diode and continuity test...
Digital Multimeter Koban KMD-23
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Brand: koban Model: KMD-23
MultimeterDigitalKoban KMD-23Digital multimeter with measurement category CATII 500V, 2000 resolution accounts and backlit display.It performs AC/DC voltage measurements, DC current, resistance and temperature.It has diode and continuity test and transistor test...
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