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UNI-T UT501A Insulation Resistance Tester 2000 Count LCD Display Overload Indication Backlight AC Voltage Measurement Meter
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Brand: UNI-T Model: UT501A
Features:For measuring insulation resistance, AC voltage, DC voltage, etc.2.7"(65*25mm) large LCD screen with large digital-readout with backlight for clear reading.Overload indication for safety operation.Automatic measurement and discharge voltage automatically.Red alarm light is on when high volt..
UNI-T UT512 Resistance Tester Megger Insulation Meter Megometer Multimeter LCD Backlight AC DC Voltmeter
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Brand: UNI-T Model: UNI-T UT512
SpecificationsRangeUT512Insulation resistance (Ω)Test voltages500V~2500V0%~20%500V0.5MΩ~5GΩ±(3%+5)1000V2MΩ~10GΩ±(3%+5)1500V5MΩ~20GΩ±(3%+5)10MΩ~100GΩ±(3%+5)DC voltage (V)600V±(2%+5)AC voltage (V)600V±(2%+5)Short-circuit current<1.8mAFeaturesAuto range/Auto power off√Low battery indication√Data sto..
Resistance digital multimeter, UNI-T UT33D+
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Brand: UNI-T Model: UNI-T UT33D+
UNI-T UT33D+LCD Digital Resistance Multimeter Mini DMM NCV Voltage Current TesterBrand Name: UNI-TModel: UT33D+FunctionDC Voltage (V)200.0mV~600V +/-( 0.5%+3)AC Voltage (V)200.0V ~ 600V +/- ( 1.2% + 3)Continuous current (A)200.0uA ~ 10.00A +/-( 1.0% + 3)Resistance (Ω)200.0Ω ~ 200.0MΩ +/- ( 1.0% + 2)..
UNI-T UT681C RJ45/RJ11/BNC Cable Tester
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Brand: UNI-T Model: UNI-T UT681C
UT681 series handheld cable testers can be used to quickly check whether Ethernet/telephone/BNC/HDMI cables areConductor, short circuit, cross or open circuit. They are ideal tools for technicians to install,Maintain and inspect current week system circuit.Features:1. LED status display2. Automatic ..
UNI-T UT351 digital sound level meter, 30-130db decibel
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Brand: UNI-T Model: UNI-T UT351
UT351 UNI-T Digital Sound Level Meter 30-130db Decibel db Recorder Audio Monitor DetectorThe UT350 series sound level meters can measure sound noise level and output results in d B.A or C weighted modes can be selected depending on the application. These meters consume very little power and can oper..
UNI-T UT58A digital multimeter
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Brand: UNI-T Model: UT58A
The UT58 series is a safe and reliable, easy-to-use hand-range digital multimeter. Its large 60mm x 54mm LCD screen conveniently displays measurement results. This series digital multimeter satisfies a variety of applications in electronic and electrical fields.Features:1. Display count of 2000, ref..
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