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Temperature Controller

Brand: RKC Model: RKC REX C-100
Produit originale made in japanPackage included:1x PID Digital Temperature Controller 1x1m thermocouple KMeasuring accuracy: ±0.5%FSCold-end compensation tolerance: ±2C can be modified by software in 0~50CResolution: 14 bitSampling cycle: 0.5 SecDimensions:48 x 48 x 110 (mm) ±0.2mmProcess value..
Brand: SONOFF Model: TH10
                                     Itead Sonoff TH10 Wireless wifi Switch Modules Support Temperature Sensor Humidity Monitor For Smart Home Automation 10A 2200W..
Brand: SONOFF Model: TH16
​Note: the sensors are not in the package of Sonoff TH10 /TH 16, you have to buy it separately.Sensor-AM2301 And Si7021 is the Temperature and Humidity Sensor , No Waterproof. Sensor-DS18B20 is the Temperature Sensor , Waterproof .  Product Overview: Sonoff is a universal sw..
Brand: KETOTEK Model: STC-1000
stc1000Digital Temperature Controller Thermostat Thermoregulator incubator Relay LED 10A Heating Cooling STC-1000 12V 24V 220V  Switch the modes between cool and heat; Control temperature by setting the temperature setting value and the difference value; Temperature calibration;&..
Temperature sensor probe NTC 10K -40-120C  used in temperature controller
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Brand: KETOTEK Model: NTC 10K -40-120C
1m NTC 10K temperature sensor probe -40-120C  cylinder-shaped 4*25mm used in temperature controllerTechnical parameters: NTC 10K   B = 3435 +-1% accuracyMaterial: anti-embroidered cylindrical nickel-plated copperProduct Specifications: diameter&..
Model: NTC-40-120C Filtetage vis étanche
NTC temperature sensor probe -40-120C  1m 2m 5m length screw thread type waterproofTechnical parameters: NTC 10K B = 3435 +-1% accuracyMaterial: copper plated nickel anti-embroidered M8 thread-shapedSpecifications: nut diameter 12.5MM&..
Thermostat Egg automatic Incubator Controller Hygrostat KETOTEK XM-18 Thermostat Egg automatic Incubator Controller Hygrostat KETOTEK XM-18
New 2-3 Days
Brand: KETOTEK Model: XM-18
XM-18 Egg Incubator Controller Thermostat Hygrostat Full Automatic Microcomputer Control with Temperature Humidity Sensor Probe Industrial  XM-18 Main Technical Index: 1. Temperature display range: 0 ~ 99.9 C2. Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.1 C3. Humidity display ran..
Temperature Controller STC 3008 Temperature Controller STC 3008
2-3 Days
Brand: KETOTEK Model: STC 3008
STC-3008 KT99 Dual Digital Temperature Controller Two Relay Output 12V 24V 220V Thermoregulator Thermostat With Heater CoolerModel 1:                                               ..
Brand: KETOTEK Model: STC-3018
For Stc-3018 Digital Temperature Humidity Meter 110-220V 10A Thermostat Dual Display Thermometer Hygrometer Controller AdjustablePower Type:ChargerDisplay Type:DigitalMax Measuring Temperature:120 Celsius & AboveUsage:IndoorTheory:Temperature ControllerColour:Black material:plasticSize..
Brand: KETOTEK Model: STC-3028
STC-3028 12V 24V 220V Temperature Humidity Controller Home Fridge Cooler HeaterThermometer Hygrometer Control Switch 40% offFeature:Be able to control temperature and humidity at the same time. Be able to connect with humidifier and dehumidifier equipment at the same time.Be able to connect wit..
Brand: KETOTEK Model: REX-C100
Dual Digital PID Temperature Controller Thermostat Kit REX-C100 with SSR-40DA heat sink quality K probe ThermocoupleThere has 5 sets, please check the picture carefully and choose the one you need.This is a bid for a dual display universal digital programmable temperature controller that&n..
Temperature Controller  STC 8080A+ Temperature Controller  STC 8080A+
2-3 Days
Brand: KETOTEK Model: STC-8080A+
STC-8080A+ Micro-computer Temperature Controller Refrigerator Thermostat Automatic Defrost Intelligent Thermostat Alarm Function 40%offDescription:STC-8080A+ is a universal temperature controller with single sensor,specify all the functions as refrigerating,defrosting,alarming when temperature excee..
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